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LCD Retrofit Installation Services

Repair :: LCD Retrofits

We provide LCD Retrofit services for many brands
of HMI Displays:

We have all necessary components in stock for quick repair and LCD Retrofit turnaround.

LCD Retrofit Background

Over the past several decades, contemporary industrial display manufacturing technologies have evolved from cathode ray tube (CRT) to liquid crystal display (LCD).  Also during this time, our engineers have invested the time and effort necessary to adapt to changing industry needs.  Conducting specific tests and recording essential data related to signal output and display input compatibilities are necessary to establish high-quality LCD retrofit processes.  Having collected a wealth of pertinent information on the topic, we have successfully completed numerous CRT to LCD retrofits for various types of industrial monitors.

What an LCD Retrofit Involves

The first step in performing a CRT to LCD retrofit involves removing the CRT, most internal circuitry, and obsolete components from a CRT system.  If necessary, we are capable of replacing every component down to the bare metal frame.  Next, the old or malfunctioning components are replaced with a new, more efficient LCD and the associated electronic hardware.  This includes installation of an appropriate video interface board, a new power supply, and new cable terminations.  The old components are discarded properly according to all hazardous material protocols.

Priority One:  The LCD Retrofit that Suits Your Best Interests

With the experience we have gained in the field of LCD retrofitting, we have identified specific models that are impossible or extremely difficult to retrofit with an acceptable level of success.  Most formats and signals simply cannot be altered as we might prefer.  Therefore, the process of matching components must be perfect.  The OEM's signals and formats must be precisely compatible with the new LCD, allowing us to provide a seamless plug-and-play solution.

Avoid D-I-Y LCD Retrofit Pitfalls

We have the industry experience and electronic expertise to avoid promising more than we can provide.  At the same time, we also suggest avoiding the problems commonly associated with the so-called do-it-yourself or D-I-Y kits.  We have seen the final products and the inferior results they offer.  We do not recommend this type of LCD Retrofit to anyone.  With over forty-four years of experience, we're the professionals.  We have the test equipment, product knowledge, and industry expertise to make the LCD retrofit process painless.

When your CRT display systems no longer deliver the performance and reliability you need, we strongly advise that you contact us to review your specific LCD retrofit needs.

LCD Retrofit Conversions We Provide Include These Manufacturers:

  • Cutler Hammer
  • Allen Bradley
  • Uticor
  • Eaton
  • Telemecanique
  • Siemens
  • Modicon
  • General Electric
  • Most Others

This is a partial listing of LCD Retrofits we provide .  If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us.  We repair virtually ALL MODELS of electronic video display equipment from ALL U.S. MANUFACTURERS and most FOREIGN MANUFACTURERS including LCD Retrofit services for ALL listed manufacturers plus more.

Manufacturers / Models for LCD Retrofit Services

Some of the models we commonly encounter for LCD Refrofit services include:

Cutler Hammer52PKHXLCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer91-00935-00LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer91-00992-04LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer91-01538-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer91-01538-04LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer91-01538-05LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-00583-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-00846-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-00944-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01227-00LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01579-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01655-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01822-02LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01877-04LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01877-05LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01905-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01919-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01943-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-01944-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-02016-00LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92-02024-00LCD Retrofit Services Available
Cutler Hammer92Y00756LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton52PKHXLCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton91-00935-00LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton91-00992-04LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton91-01538-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton91-01538-04LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton91-01538-05LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-00583-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-00846-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-00944-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01227-00LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01579-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01655-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01822-02LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01877-04LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01877-05LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01905-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01919-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01943-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-01944-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-02016-00LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92-02024-00LCD Retrofit Services Available
Eaton92Y00756LCD Retrofit Services Available
Modicon91-00744-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Modicon91-00744-05LCD Retrofit Services Available
Modicon91-00752-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Modicon91-00918-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Modicon91-00935-00LCD Retrofit Services Available
Modicon91-01538-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Modicon91-01538-05LCD Retrofit Services Available
Modicon92-00663-03LCD Retrofit Services Available
Modicon92-00846-01LCD Retrofit Services Available
Siemens92-01877-04LCD Retrofit Services Available

No Evaluation Fee:

We do a full system evaluation on the unit when it comes in.  Most of the time there is no charge for this service.  The only time we charge is if the unit is a one of a kind custom made or not recognized off brand model that will take additional research by our lab technicians.


We meet and sometimes exceed most manufacturers' new product warranties.  A full 1-year warranty is standard from us!

Failure Rates:

We are proud to say that we have a less than a 1% failure rate with our repairs!

Data Tracking:

Our database has over 10 fields of information specific to your equipment that we track for you.  Each repair has its own tracking number assigned to it that gives us the tools we need to make the right decision for you on your repair.

As-New Remanufactured Program:

This program is available on many different manufacturers operator terminals.  We have units that have been remanufactured to as-new condition for a quick exchange and same day shipment.

We have done the research on sourcing replacement components to support this equipment to the component level.

Turnaround Time:

Technical Support:

We offer our customers free telephone technical support on purchasing and troubleshooting whenever possible.

Customers Served:

  • Research & Development
  • Colleges / Universities
  • Power Generating Plants
  • ATM Terminals
  • Food Processing
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Kiosks
  • Military
  • Labs
  • Broadcasting
  • Aerospace
  • Machine Shops
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical

Contact Us Now:

585.254.5880 (local)
888.349.4638 (toll-free)
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Any way you choose, we'd love to hear from you!

Our Customers get FREE telephone technical support.  In many instances, we can avoid a problem or fix a problem - over the phone - FOR FREE!

Take advantage of our Telephone Technical Support services.  Industrial Monitor Repairs, LLC provides telephone technical support for customers both before or after we repair your industrial display equipment.  No matter what type of problem you're experiencing, we've seen it before!

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Industrial Monitor Repairs - We're Component Level!

The Industrial Monitor Repairs division of Rochester Industrial Services, Inc., has a robust and successful, forty-six-year history of repairing, servicing, and maintaining of ALL MAKES and MODELS of industrial electronic display equipment.  We excel at fixing equipment that is out of warranty, no longer supported by the OEM, or otherwise abandonded.  Rochester industrial is a component-level repair facility.  We routinely repair equipment that others say can't be fixed.  IF YOU CAN'T FIND THE REPLACEMENT BOARD YOU NEED, WE WILL FIX YOURS!

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